Ideas for Monograms

Definition of a 'Monogram' from


1. a design consisting of two or more alphabetic letters combined or interlaced, commonly one's initials, often printed on stationery, embroidered on clothing, etc.

Single Person Monogram

For men, items like handkerchiefs, ties, etc. can be monogrammed with the last name initial only or with the first name initial for a more personal gift.

More often, men and boys have their initials all placed in the natural order and at the same height, which we refer to as INITIAL personalization.

For women, on items like hankies, stationary, linens, etc a single last name initial is normally used.

On handkerchiefs, women's monograms are usually larger than men's. The men's on a handkerchief is usually less than an inch tall, while on a woman's handkerchief it is usually an inch to an inch and a half depending on preference.

In standard three letter monograms, the last name initial is in the center, and a bit larger than the rest. On the left is the first name initial, and on the right is the middle name initial.

Bride and Groom Monograms

For the married couple's three letter monograms, the last name initial is in the center and a bit larger than the rest. On the left is usually the first name initial of the groom and on the right is the first name initial of the bride.

Linens are traditionally considered the bride's territory, so often the bride's first initial is on the left and the groom's on the right. Alternately, stemware, flatware and barware are considered the groom's territory so would have his initial on the left and hers on the right.

In all cases, the arrangement of letters is a personal preference.

Children's Monograms

Some parents do not want a child's name on clothing due to the risk of feigning knowing the child. For this reason, on clothing, a child's initial is usually used.

For newborns, this is not such an issue. Usually just the first name is used.

Other Considerations

As an alternative to the three-letter monogram, you can use the single letter of the last name, with either a frame or scrolling around it. These types of items can be passed down to children and still be relevant.

Some letters don't look good together. In this case, you can use a first name, the last initial only or even the 3 letter monogram with the initials all the same size.

Don't use nicknames when doing a formal monogram.

You don't always have to use initials when monogramming. You can use the full last name, both the couple's first names, titles such as grandmother, grandfather, etc